Does anybody knows anything about a kaltura-ad-server?

I found this on GitHub, dated 4 years ago:
As long as it is published on GitHub, I take it is a foss.
Is there anyone who knows more about it, the project lacks any documentation. I managed to install it and start it, but there seems to be an API against a Kaltura server. However, I don’t know how to discover the API endpoints.
Any insight will be much appreciated.


Hi @mediasync,

I see you already got an answer here:

Yes I think this happened yesterday.
It seems it is not what I was expecting.
I am looking for an ad server (self hosted) to serve vast 2/3 to the Kaltura Player.
So far I came across revive server with an add-on, which is rather expensive. I haven’t asked for a demo to test it yet, but seems to be the right thing.