Detecting html5 / flash compatible (desktop / mobile)


Is it possible to automatically display the player depending on the device?
Flash for desktop and html 5 mobile / tablet?



Our Flash player is currently deprecated. You should also use the HTML5 one, for both mobile and PC.
To do so, simply go to KMC->Studio->Universal Studio and convert any existing Flash players.


I need to use a VPAID tag (only compatble flash?)

OK, in that case, yes, the code knows to detect whether this is mobile or not and use the HTML5 version even if a Flash player uiconf is configured. It should happen automatically.

But how do you differentiate VPAID tag (flash) and VAST tag (HTML5) embed with the same code?

Do “late binding”. When the player loads detect which type of player was loaded, and then bind the proper ad tag.

but how to specify flash with VPAID tag and HTML5 player with the VAST tag?

Think of it the opposite way. You don’t specify which player to load for the tag.
You first detect which player was loaded (in the kdpready event) and then set the proper tag using the player api’s

I want to set Flash Player in first with VPAID SWF and if flash is’nt active on browser HTML5 Player start with VPAID JS Tag.

How to configure HTML5 player ?