Delivery Profile

How do I assign custom created delivery profile to publisher and enable it in delivery type (see from below picture )?


In the admin console, under publishers, on your publisher row, create a new delivery profile and then create a storage profile.

You can also use this script:

If outputs a pretty detailed usage message.



Yes. I already created delivery profile for RTMP and Apple HTTP. But this profile does not appear in Delivery Type as shown above post.

Sorry, I am missing some context for the image…
Can you please take one of the whole screen or at least a bigger part of it? and tell me exactly where you navigated to?


This is

Simple use Kaltura auto. The server side will know what profile to select according to what the partner has set up.

I don’t want to use Progressive Download. I’m trying to integrate kaltura with Wowza. I did setting on kaltura and wowza but I don’t know how do I playback imported video by Wowza streaming Apple HLS and RTMP.


Is it possible to assign delivery profile to publisher ? and How do I choose delivery profile which is I have created ?
Please answer it.