Custom metadata for a specific category of video?



My organization has a couple of different types of videos, to which different metadata would naturally apply. I had in mind to create a metadata schema for each type, then apply the schemas to the relevant entries. For instance, apply the “Seminar Series” schema to videos of seminars, “News clips” schema to news clips, etc.

I have not figured out how to selectively apply an “Entity” schema only to those items to which it applies. It seems that all items get all of the custom metadata.

Is it possible to be more selective or is it standard practice to attach all metadata fields to all entries?


Hi @bryce_nordgren,

I’m afraid this cannot be done with the custom metadata mechanism.
Once you create a metadataProfile of type ENTRY, it will show for all entries, this cannot be conditioned.

However, determining whether or not you should populate custom data for a given entry is not that hard. You could, for example, set the entry’s ‘tags’ or ‘adminTags’ members and based on that, decide whether to populate a given custom metadata schema or not. Another option is to attach entries to categories and decide according to that, so for instance, if the entry is attached to the category “examples”, the “example” metadata schema should be populated.