Custom data schema

Is it possible to have a schema apply to entries of a particular category?

  • EntryA1, EntryA2, EntryA3
  • EntryB1, EntryB2, EntryB3
    Schema: S1, S2

Can I get S1 to apply to entries of CategoryA (EntryA1, EntryA2, EntryA3) and S2 to apply to entries of CategoryB?

From the KMC, a scheme is applied to all entries by default. Any way to modify this behavior?


Not quite sure I understand… can you explain the use case?

I would like to store videos for 2 different apps A & B. Both sets of videos have some metadata associated. However the metadata schema is different.

I understand I can create custom data schema in KMC. So I would create 2 schemas SA and SB.
The videos for each app could belong to separate categories, CategoryA and CategoryB.
I would like to associate schema SA to CategoryA and SB to CategoryB.

By default, the custom data schemas are applied to all Entries regardless of Category. Is there anyway to selectively apply a schema to entries of a particular category alone?


Why not simply create 2 separate partners? one for each app? this way, each can have their own meta data schemas or any other specific setting for that matter.