Custom audio flavor and drop folders

I am having problems to use drop folders and upload an audio file to a custom flavor.

I created a new flavor, named English, with the Api, also created a new transcode profile(to be diferente from default) and selected the English flavor inside.

After, i created also a drop folder and selected the new transcode profile.

the regex that i am using is:

It does work but instead of updating the matching flavor only is trying to replace/transcode all flavors after the new flavor ingest, like a new source upload.

Is it possible to use the drop folders to replace/insert a specific flavor without impact the other flavors? Or do I need to use the Api to set content to the match flavor instead using the drop folders?



If I understand your need correctly, then you can set up a specific transcoding profile to be used, that only produces a subset of flavours [can be just one flavour]. Then, in the dropfolder configuration, you can set that transcoding profile as the one to use.

If I misunderstood your question, please reiterate.


Hello Jess,

I did that. I created a new transcoding profile, set only the flavor in question.
I’ve choose that transcoding profile on the dropfolder.
But after the dropfolder ingest correctly the other flavors were removed(source and so on).

Throw the api no problems…

One thing i notice is that the reverse also happens.
If I add a assetFlavor and set content for the flavor first and them upload a source file from a dropfolder, the flavor its removed and left empty.

Seams like dropfolders are always droping all other flavors that are not on the transcoder profile used


I am still not sure what the problem is, I’m afraid… when you set a specific transcoding profile for the dropfolder, only the flavours you included in it will be created.
Can you please explain what you expected to happen?

It does that but also drops the existing ones that are not in the trascoding profile… thats my problem

Not sure I understand what you mean by “Drops the existing ones”. Can you please explain exactly what happens?