Creating live stream using Kaltura CE and Red5

I am trying to do a Live Streaming using FMS as mentioned in the link below:

I followed all the steps as mentioned in this link and when I generate the xml file to pass it to FMLE application, it does generate the xml file but for server name it generates @PRIMARY_MEDIA_SERVER_HOST@ which is wrong.

After reading the steps carefully I found that, for Kaltura CE we need to do some additional steps as mentioned under link How to integrate Kaltura CE 4.0 with Red5.

As per the first step of this link i need to modify file /opt/kaltura/app/alpha/config/kConfLocal.php but I am having Kaltura CE 10.0.0 version and I am not able to find this file on my server.

Is it that this link is not valid for the latest version of Kaltura CE and we don’t need to follow these steps, but what about @PRIMARY_MEDIA_SERVER_HOST@ problem?


For Live Streaming, only Wowza is supported at this time.
Please see:

For cam recording you can still use Red5, see here: