Create KMC user that can only edit that users content

I would like to create a user in the Kaltura KMC that can upload content and be able to edit the metadata of content that was created by that user.

I can make an account that can just upload content and not edit any metadata, or I can create an account that can upload and edit metadata of all content. But I can’t seem to find a way to only allow editing of content where the user is the owner of that content.

I was looking at Category Entitlements but they don’t seem to apply to the KMC itself, unless I’m configuring them incorrectly.

Is this possible?

what you are talking about is content entitlements, and this is not possible in KMC. All users with access to KMC are considered admins of the account in regards to contents, you either can or can’t edit content.
KMS, however, is made exactly for this - a user can only edit their own content, unless given the permission to edit a specific entry of another user.