Configuring Playlist Options with String or UIVars - KMC Universal Studio

Is anyone aware of a way to toggle the visibility of the playlist? For example, a button in the title bar that toggles on and off the visibility of playlist entries. (Like the way you can toggle the visibility of the “Related” video grid.) I have turned off “Include in layout” but this means you skip blindly backwards and forwards through the playlist.

I have searched extensively for a UI variable or string to enable this functionality, but have come up short. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Currently there is no option to hide the playlist. It hides only on full screen.
This could be a nice feature to add (maybe add a button to collapse and expand the playlist).
I will discuss it with our product team.

Thank you! This was helpful. One last question about the playlist - some older documentation gives uivars for limiting the width and height of the playlist and changing the tab color, but I haven’t yet gotten these to work in the Universal Studio. Any suggestions?

For vertical playlists, setting the “mediaItemWidth” property changes the width of the playlist. Note that it cannot be set to a value less then 200 pixels. For horizontal playlists, the MinClips property defined how many items are displayed thus determining their width.
Another option that come to mind, which will also enable you to hide the playlist completely, is to use the “onPage” option (set to true). This will render the playlist inside a DIV on your page and not as part of the video iframe. Since the div in under your control, you can change its size or hide it completely. The onPage playlist is set to always fill your div.
As for controlling colours, you can do this using a custom CSS. These are not exposed as properties.
Hope that helps.