Communication between KDP and mwEmbed


how can I communicate between mwEmbed player and KDP player.
Case is that I am using hds stream type - for that html player uses chromeless kdp player.

i want to send notification from kdp to mwEmbed and other way around as well.

when I am using default notifications like sendNotification(“doPause”) its reachable on both sides when I am using my own notification sendNotification(“testNotification”) its not visible on any of the sides even though i am adding the listeners for them in html player:

    mw.PluginManager.add('myPlugin', mw.KBaseComponent.extend({
    defaultConfig: {
        parent: "controlsContainer",

    setup: function() {
        var _this = this;
        this.bind( 'testNot', function(thisData, additionalData){
            //: TODO


and in KDP in KMediaPlayerMediator:

		override public function listNotificationInterests():Array
		return [