Cleaning up /opt/kaltura/tmp

Hello again!

I did a bunch of batch importing this weekend and it seems /opt/kaltura/tmp has grown to fill my /opt volume on my batch nodes. The import and conversions seem to work OK.

I’m looking around for a cron job and script that may clean this up regularly, but I am not finding it.

Is there such thing and I am missing it? Can I control the size of /opt/kaltura/tmp somehow?


I found that this should be handled by a batch job, and it seems it is being handled it’s just the rate of ingestion for bulk uploading is exceeding the job’s parameters for clean up.

Just to follow up here, I’ve changed the parameters on the batch job that cleans up /opt/kaltura/tmp to be able to keep up with the rate of ingestion and to not fill the volume. This is no longer a problem.

Others may run into this depending on the size of their /opt volume and the amount of content that they’re uploading at once.