Chromecast demo doesnt work


I am trying chromecast demo on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone from Chrome browser
Unfortunatelly it doesnt work

here are the errors that I get:

Just found that chromecast is supported only from 4.4.2 version of android,
I’ve changed device to other one with 4.4.2 version unfortunately the same error.

On device I have installed chromecast from Google Play. It works fine with youtube.

Is chrome browser supported by chromecast - or it is only possible to cast the screen from android devices?

seems that Chrome browser on Android devices do not support the Chromecast extension we are using for our player integration. You can follow the discussion here:!topic/chromecast/JK5s9bXpmxU

I was testing with Enable experimental Chromecast support on Android Chrome browser but i guess it is still too experimenta. Its not enabling chromecast.

thanks for replay.