Change default html5 player in mobile devices

when playing url with flash version of the player on mobile device it automatically fallback to html5 player by setting forceMobileHTML5=true

which html5 player is used? where can i find uiConf of this player?

is it possible to change it to my own custom html5 player I created in Universal Studio?


You can get the UI conf ID using a HTTP sniffer. Look for a call with ui_conf/$SOME_NUMBER.
You can change the player to another one you created in preview and embed, a select box called ‘Select Player’ in the upper left corner of the screen.

The uiConf id I am getting when playing html5 fallback player is still the same uiConf id as my KDP flash player.

I might not described it clear before so i will try again, the issue is:
I want to have my KDP flash player in use in my website (dont want to change it in Preview&Embed)
What I want to change is the default html player that is play by force in mobile devices the one that is overriding KDP player. I dont know what uiConf ID of this fallback player is and I don’t know how to change the default fallback player to my own one created in Universal Studio.

So the result would be
on WEB my KDP flash player
on MOBILE my custom HTML5 instead of defaulst HTML5 player I get automatically


KDP is pretty much deprecated… is there a reason why you want to use it?

in my case KDP its already in use in some projects so I don want to change it, but the problem is not with KDP itself, problem is with default html5 player which is fired up when using mobile devices. When mobile device play video with default html5 player couple of problems occur, interesting thing is that when I create new html5 player some of those problems not appear. That’s why i would like to force mobile devices to use my custom created player instead of the default one.

I am not sure what you mean by ‘default one’… when you create the embed code, you can use whatever ui_conf you want…
Can you further explain the problem and give an example URL?