Captions and its list is not coming in PlayerSDK


I am using playerSDK. (Android)

Trying to fetch caption list,

                        KTrackActions trackActions = playerViewController.getTrackManager();
                        TrackFormat current = trackActions.getCurrentTrack(TrackType.TEXT);
                        List<TrackFormat> trackList = trackActions.getTextTrackList();

                        if (trackList.size() > 0) {

                            for (int i = 0; i < trackList.size(); i++) {
                                TrackFormat trackFormat = trackList.get(i);
                                Log.e("Track:", trackFormat.toString());

Failed to get any captions list for video which is on KMC with captions file.

please help me to resolve this if possible.

Also, this feature is available in PlayerSDK or Shall I use Playkit as In playkit, everything works fine.


Can anyone reply on this thread…


@gilad_nadav please help here.

cc @oren_melamed


Are you sure you have captions on your stream?

can you send an example to the url that you are trying to fetch captions from?
if you do not have such url

please provide these 3 parameters:
partner Id
ui conf id
entry id

I have same problem!

Has this ever been addressed?