Can't Use Ampersand ("&") in Search?

Hi Team:

We have a video called “Values & Behaviors” which is a corporate standard but Search chokes on that string if we put it into the Search dialog. If we type “values & behaviors” (no quotes), it comes back with nothing even though that’s the title of the video itself.

Oddly, it also leaves the hex code in the Search dialog, changing it to “values [hex code here] behaviors” (no quotes). Is there a setting to allow special characters to be allowed here, or a way to graciously intercept that and convert it on the fly?


Hello Sam,

Which app are you searching in? KMC, KMS, other?


Whoops, sorry: KMS (Kaltura MediaSpace).


This sounds like a bug. Can you please contact our support team so they can open an issue with the KMS team?
Please state exact KMS version as well.


Will do - thanks, Jess.