Cannot embed player with VAST ad locally, but works on Kaltura test pages


I work for an Ad Tech company. I am trying to embed your player with a javascript VPAID tag on our servers (or, for starters, working on my local system). Long story short: it works fine on your page (including the ad), but when I try to play it locally, the video plays but the ad is just ignored and not shown. Here’s what I get in the console:

30743062:40 kWidget: Kaltura HTML5 Version: 1.9.6

XMLHttpRequest cannot load No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘’ is therefore not allowed access.

So, this “serverip” endpoint comes back without CORS headers. I don’t know if this is the reason for the ad to be ignored, but it’s the only hint I have.

Here is the exact VAST/VPAID tag I’m trying to run, working on your demo page:{"flashvars"%3A{"vast"%3A{"prerollUrl"%3A""}}}

And here is the code I’m using to try to embed locally:

Js reference:			

And the embedding code:
(nodeId is just a local var that resolves to the id of the DIV which hosts the player; it does exist on the page):

mw.setConfig( 'KalturaSupport.LeadWithHTML5', true );
				targetId: nodeId,
				wid: "_1995821",
				uiconf_id: "30743062",
				"cache_st": 1441290747,
				"entry_id": "1_mftmgzsv",
				flashvars: {
					"vast": {
						"plugin" : true,
						"position" : "before",
						"prerollUrl" : "",
						"numPreroll" : "1",
						"prerollStartWith" : "1",
						"prerollInterval" : "1",
						"preSequence" : "1",
						"postSequence" : "1",
						"timeout" : "4",
						"relativeTo" : "PlayerHolder"
					"noticeMessage": {
						"plugin" : true,
						"position" : "before",
						"text" : "video will start in {sequenceProxy.timeRemaining}"
					"adsOnReplay" : true

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Integral Ad Science

Our test pages work against the player latest version (currently 2.34).
You are trying to use a very old player (v1.9.6). You should upgrade your player to the latest version. This can be easily done using our Studio application in KMC.