Can you export a Kaltura Player (uiconf) from one account and import into another

As an administrator of a KMC account, I have both a testing and production account in which…
I want to keep players in sync
So that our testing and production enviornments “Look” the same when viewed.

We are using the Universal Studio players - designed via the KMC.

The only way I know how to do this is to “Point and click” my way through duplicating the player on another account based on KMC settings on the other account. Kind of teadious.

Any way I can - even through the API - export a uiConf and import it into another publisher account?

Even better - any buttons I can press to do this in the KMC? (I think the answer is no to that)

An export/import process would be ideal for testing, because humans (like me) make mistakes when copying things “by hand”

Hi Flip,

Yes, you can use the uiconf API for this. Just get the Json from the original partner and then add it to the production destination.
Let me know if you need help with coding it but it is pretty straight forward:)