Can kaltura support other third party remote storage

As attached image, it seems remote storage only supports Amazon S3 as third party storage. Can I configure kaltura to support other third party storage like Amazon S3?

also when remote storage is configured, kaltura player will playback the video from remote storage? as for every remote storage profile, we also need set up corresponding delivery profile? if there are several remote storage profiles, which one will take effect?

the other question:

Is there some place in kmc where I can setup the DRM for video encryption?


First, let me explain the way it works: there are Remote Storage Profiles and Delivery Profiles. Both can be configured by going to Admin Console->Publishers->Your partner->Profiles

Now, remote storage profiles determine where the entries will be saved [in addition to /opt/kaltura/web, which on a clustered ENV is an NFS mount accessible to all front and batch nodes and on a single machine setup can be your local drive].
For remote storage, the following are supported out of the box:

  • Kontiki
  • FTP
  • SCP
  • SFTP
  • Amazon S3

You can extend the base StorageProfile class and create new remote storage managers. For example:
both extend the class StorageProfile, defined here:

Delivery profiles determine where to fetch the files from during playback. A lot of default delivery profiles are supported out of the box, to get a full list, go to Admin Console->Publishers->Your partner->Profiles->Delivery Profiles and look at the ‘type’ selectbox.

You can also create additional delivery profiles by extending the base class, much the same way as you would for the storage profiles.


DRM costs money and involves licenses. As a result, it cannot be offered to CE users.
We do, however, have documents describing the DRM solution we deploy for our own SaaS, for that, see:

You could implement the same backend yourself, if you’d like, there will be a license cost of course and I will not be able to offer you support for it.

Alternatively, you could just use our SaaS instead of self hosting the platform. That is not free of course, however, you can go with the VPaaS pay as you go model. For VPaaS, see

For info about other pricing programs of the SaaS model, please contact our sales department.

Jess, thanks a lot! as for DRM, I will investigate it and check how to move on.

@jess , what will be the steps for me to configure Kaltura CE to support DRM? like, what need I purchase firstly? and then I can get some support.

Hi @xwarrior,

As I said, we do not support DRM in CE. You are more than welcome to follow the architecture guides I provided, purchase licenses and implement it yourself but we will not provide support for it.