Can image entries have custom thumbnails?


I can create new thumbAsset for video and audio entries and they are working fine when visiting the thumbnail service URL (http://YourKalturaServer/p/{partner_id}/thumbnail/entry_id/{entry_id})

But for image entries, custom thumbnails are not working. I can see the tag property of thumbAsset object set to “default_thumb” but neither KMC nor thumbnail service gets the new thumbnail.

Can image entries have custom thumbnails? Are they any different than video or other media entries?


Hi @abrar,

I admit that I’m a bit confused by your question:)

A thumbnail is an image [frame] taken from a certain second of the video. If the entry itself is an image [as opposed to a video], why would you need to assign thumbnail assets to it?


Yes indeed i am talking about image entries(not videos or audios). We on our platform would like to allow users to adjust the thumbnails of all the media entries individually by giving the crop option. I understand the philosophy that the thumbnails for image entries are images themselves but we see it as a limitation if thumbnails are not adjustable individually


Hi @abrar,

If I understand you correctly, what you want is to allow your users to replace the original image with a cropped one. If that’s the case, then you need to use


Sorry if it was not clear enough.

I don’t want to replace the actual content of an entry. The image-entry would have its original image but for a thumbnail view of that image-entry we want users to have more control to adjust the thumbnail view using crop options.

In simple words, image-entry should have a thumbAsset set to ‘default_thumb’ just like video-entry and when fetching thumbnail using thumbnail service it should return the default thumbAsset’s image not the actual image of an image-entry. Is that possible?



Hi @abrar,

You cannot associate thumbnail assets with an entry of type video. You can create additional image entries and set their content to cropped images of the original. On these derivative entries you can set the referenceId to the entry ID of the original and in your code, call media.list() with the KalturaMediaEntryFilter, setting the referenceIdEqual member to the entry ID in order to obtain the entry IDs of these derivatives.


Thank you for the suggestion. I will look into it


Hi @jess,

I am looking into this. Would a pull request for this(so image entries would have custom thumbnails) be acceptable?



Hi @jess,

I have created a pull request for this. Could you please have a look on it?