Can Analytics be filtered by category or tag?

In the KMC, I’d like to see Analytics on a subset of videos.

For example, our classroom lecture capture system feeds straight into our Kaltura Drop Folder. An accompanying XML file puts the videos in the TCS category and adds TCS as a tag.

How can I see how much storage these videos are taking up?
How can I see how many views this category or this tag has?
How can I see what percentage of TCS videos have 10 more views?

These seem like simple queries, but the Analytics tab isn’t giving me much to work with.

Any ideas?


You can achieve that by using the API.
The analytics API service is called report.
To see some basic examples, please go to

This API allows you to filter by category and also pass specific objectIds [entry IDs] you are interested in.
And so, you can pass something like:

$client = new KalturaClient($config);
$reportType = KalturaReportType::TOP_CONTENT;
// create a filter
$reportInputFilter = new KalturaReportInputFilter();
$reportInputFilter->fromDay = 20151001;
$reportInputFilter->toDay = 20151111;
$reportInputFilter->keywords = null;
// specific categories only:
$reportInputFilter->categories = ;
$pager = new KalturaFilterPager();
$order = null;
// specific entry IDs only, comma separated
$objectIds = '';
$result = $client->report->gettable($reportType, $reportInputFilter, $pager, $order, $objectIds);

The example above is in PHP but we have bindings to multiple langs, you can see a full list here:

You may also make some API queries using selecting ‘report’ as service, to learn the various options, it also generates a rough code snippet which you can later refine to actual function code.

This might also help you in that respect: