C# wrapper to upload/support/control

Talking with one of the Kaltura.com engineers he mentioned that there was a C# package that leveraged the Kaltura API. I can’t seem to find it, and thought I’d ask here before bothering him again. If there isn’t one or is a moribund one somewhere, I’d love to participate in its development because I’m otherwise probably going to have to start one to integrate with my existing code that supports our existing OTT platforms.

While I’ve been around Linux/Unix since the early days of the (commercial) Internet, we’re primarily Micro$oft around here. After several tries, I was able to get a working Jupiter install on Ubuntu 14.04, but we only want to use a portion of the Kaltura functionality as part of an up-and-running delivery system so a programmatic interface makes the most sense for us.

To answer my own question:


How is it you can look for days for something, but the minute you post a question about it, the answer mysteriously appears right in front of you?

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