Bumper ads not working with live streams


Like the title says - created a player, activated bumper ads, and they are being played flawlessly with VOD content. With live streams - not so much. I mean, not at all. Is this a known issue and how do I go about troubleshooting?


Live streams currently do not support ads such as bumpers. You can utilize our ad stitching solutions to incorporate ads into the live stream.

Funny thing is you seem to be partially wrong. Bumper ads don’t work on desktop (chrome or firefox) but do work on mobile (android) chrome. How come?

Just tested with http://videlo.net/tiny/84dh5

Live streams on desktop use our Flash player. Android Chrome uses HLS streams in order to play live stream (without Flash). This is something that we need to check. Did you try to use a regular VAST preroll instead of bumper?

so, essentialy there’s no HLS support in your html5 player, hence it always falls back to flash player on desktop?

I will be looking into VAST, but wanted to do away with the complexity of setting it all up and simply use bumpers for live streams.

Yes, HLS is supported on desktop via Flash. Android and iOS support HLS natively.
The bumper issue under Flash HLS should probably be looked into by our support team.