Bulk upload fails on very large files

I’ve been doing bulk uploads through the KMC with an xml file that has the following line.

<urlContentResource url="http://jeremy.domain.com/jtest/video/big_buck_bunny_720p_surround.avi"/>

This has been working fine with the 320 MB file. Now I am switching to testing with a very large file, 40 GB in size. This is being done on internal LAN so bandwidth is not an issue. But is seems that the upload is failing. I looked at the entry in the KAC and it says the Import job finished and the Convert failed, but the Source filesize shows up as 0 B. Also the upload seemed to complete very quickly so I think a timeout has occurred.
I am still looking into logs, but are there any settings that would affect maximum upload file size, or timeouts?

It turns out it was a permission error on the source web server. The proper permissions were not set for that file.
But there was no indication in any Kaltura logs that this was the case. It just said that upload had completed, it did not say that a 403 was received when fetching the file. It would be good if that was logged somewhere on the kaltura side.


There was no indication of that in kaltura_v3.log and in /opt/kaltura/log/batch/*log? should be.