Batch transcode after uploading multiple unprocessed videos?

We are already receiving users’ video uploads, but in the default transcoding profile flavors list we only checked “Source”. After the videos have been uploaded we changed the profile and added the “HD/1080 - WEB(H264/4000)” flavor

Some of the videos inmediately began to transcode after we added that flavor and they are now playing properly, but most of them remain unprocessed. We can download the source videos, so we are confident the original files are playing ok. But as we try to play the ones that didn’t transcode properly, the player shows an error “No source video was found”.

How can we force or ask for the unprocessed videos to be transcoded?

Hello @jaguardigital,

Are you using Kaltura’s SaaS or the community edition? If SaaS, please contact our support team, if you are using CE, log into the admin console->Batch Control and input the entry IDs in question. It will return a breakdown of all the batch jobs related to said entry so you can see where things stand and also re-submit failed jobs.

Hi Jess, thanks for your answer, we are using CE.

We have 286 videos in Error state, as you can see in the left of the attached image. But when we use the console to search for those errors, filling the dates, entryID and publisher ID, it throws a “No result” message.

I suppose as a result of the search we will be able to mark all the tasks we want to retry, to perform a batch transcoding on them?

Can we leave empty the Entry ID to search for all media, not just one entry? We already removed the Publisher ID, but it still doesn’t show any result

Thanks in advance

Please look under entry lifecycle

Hi Jess

Thanks for your reply, at the right of the image is the Entry Lifecycle section. I can see there the entry I requested for, but no retry or convert button

At the left side of the image there is a PDF manual of Kaltura, showing the Failed Tasks section. Since we have a lot of videos to be processed I would prefer to do it like that, by a list. Is that list function disabled in CE?

Because in Entry Lifecycle we must do it one by one, am I wright?

Hi Jess

I figured out that the section to reconvert a previous failed entry is “Entry investigation”, not “Entry lifecycle”.

At the end of the first table row there is a “Reconvert” button that works fine.

Still, we have to do it one by one, is there a way to process multiple entries?


See Rerun Flavor Generation from all Videos
Here Copy videos between servers with different versions of kaltura you can find code that calls media.list() and iterates over the results. You basically need it to call media.convert() at each iteration, instead of the requests it currently calls. Bottom line, you need to combine these two scripts to accomplish your task.


Hi Jess

We are planning to move all the data (both videos and database) from our current self-hosted Community Edition to your VPAAS service.

Currently we have around 1100 original videos with one 1080p flavor each, and all sum up 900 GB aprox. In the link you shared us before (“copy videos between servers…”) there’s information on how to copy from one self-hosted CE to another, but we want to know if there’s any way to copy from our CE server to your VPAAS service without having to download and then upload all the video files.

Thanks in advance

Hello @jaguardigital,

I’ve forwarded your inquiry to the VPaaS team. They will get in touch with you.


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