Batch Jobs Not Working and Admin Console returning Error -1

Hi again Jess, I’ve added a new delivery profile in combination with the previos one:

id partner_id created_at updated_at name type system_name description url host_name recognizer tokenizer status media_protocols streamer_type is_default parent_id custom_data priority
1006 101 2018-01-17 14:47:46 2018-01-17 18:13:28 HLS CF 1 NULL NULL NULL NULL 0 NULL hls 0 0 NULL 0

And I added it to the remote storage config too, now Im able to see the videos on the browsers in this url:,0_rsqicqy2,0_d3h2720r,0_b6nqieq6/format/http/protocol/http/a.m3u8

Also in our apps on Android and iOs but not in our react-hls player, im really confuse right now :confused: LOL

The other weird thing is that the players that shows the videos are taking the video as a live streaming an not showing controls at all :expressionless:

One more thing in addition to this, when trying to play the file in our web app (react-hls player), the player does the redirect to cloudFront but we get a 304 HTTP code and the S3 file is not downloaded, I added some metadata for the cache control, but getting the same results.

Thanks in advance

Juan Pablo.

Hello @jess, I’ve keep working on this, but im still struggling with trying to play the videos from the cloudFront CDN as an applehttp streamer type.

Im using Kaltura 13.4, and I was trying to follow the instructions from here:

Also taking into account that my version has a different way to configure the delivery profiles and associate them to the storage profile, but I think that I have that covered.

The thing is that while working without a remote storage, by default Kaltura creates the following link:,0_2j2qqvc7,0_ot4aolds, 0_21q0wx78/format/applehttp/protocol/http/a.m3u8

As you can see the format is applehttp and the protocol is http, this ends providing a manifest like this:


Now when adding the remote storage with the delivery profiles on the CloudFront CDN I was hable to get the same manifest:


So, everything is as expected… but the think is that the CDN cannot resolve the file name with the addition of “/index.m3u8”, then my hsl player is just downloading a list of files that in this case can be reproduced on my computer, and the is not able to resolve the files with that suffix.

Is there any missing configuration that I need to add or change in order to avoid the index part?

Thanks in advance again @jess, and my apologies for being so annoying with my questions :blush:

Hi @juanpanie,

Not quite sure I understand the current issue…
I used to test, inputting,0_2j2qqvc7,0_ot4aolds,0_21q0wx78/format/applehttp/protocol/http/a.m3u8 as the HLS URL and it plays just fine.

See direct URL below.{"engine"%3Atrue%2C"stvod"%3Atrue%2C"ncweb"%3Atrue%2C"url"%3A""%2C"thumb"%3A""%2C"hlsLiveSegmentBuffer"%3A-1%2C"hlsInitialBufferTime"%3A-1%2C"hlsExpandedBufferTime"%3A-1%2C"hlsMaxBufferTime"%3A-1%2C"hlsLogs"%3Atrue%2C"dvr"%3Afalse} also works correctly with,0_2j2qqvc7,0_ot4aolds,0_21q0wx78/format/applehttp/protocol/http/a.m3u8

Can you please elaborate as to the exact issue, how you are testing and what you are seeing?

Hi @Jess, sorry for not being clear, the link I provided you is the one that streams from Kaltura server, but not using the remote storage (and CDN), it was just an example to show you how kaltura normally creates the manifest file and also to compare with the one created with the remote storage and the CDN.
I get a similar manifest file but im not hable to reproduce it, the issue is that even having the same structure in the manifest file, I can only reproduce the one that points to kaltura delivery profile and not the one that points to the remote storage (in this case S3 and CloudFront as the CDN)

This is the link I created for the video with the remote storage enabled:,0_syw8fnwp,0_0ugbwcol/format/applehttp/protocol/http/a.m3u8

I tested in the players you mentioned above, but in the network I’m seeing 404 when trying to get each of the files described on the manifest.

This is the Manifest file looks:


I guess the issue is related with the end of the url generated on each flavor (/index.m3u8) and I think that if Im able to configure Kaltura in order to generate the same manifest but without the index.m3u8 part it will work.

Could you pelease explain me why im getting the /index.m3u8 at the end of each flavor url?

Thanks again!

Juan Pablo.