Architecture diagram for Kaltura

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I am referring to the sample architecture diagram here (, and the image is too small and any more clearer version?

This is the specific architecture diagram I am referring to (

BTW: streaming server is the server used for live streaming? Or other purpose?

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Please look at:

Streaming server is used for Live, yes. Specifically, we use Wowza.

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One more question for “streaming”. When we talk about “streaming”, sometimes it means live session which you already clarified. Sometimes “streaming” means a player could play a remote video before the full video is downloaded locally (e.g. Youtube experience). So, wondering if Kaltura support the latter “streaming”? And whether the support for the latter “streaming” is dependent on player and video codec format. Thanks.


Hi Jess,

Thanks for sharing the link. Sorry I may not make myself understood, my confusions before is from page (, there are components like Web/Admin/Thumbnails Server, MySQL, Batch/Encoder/FMS Server, etc. I want to learn their respective detailed function and how they connect to work each other. The only diagram I can find is from (, which is not clear and the page ( only has one sentence description for each component, so wondering if a more clear component data flow diagram and more detailed function description for each component is available. Thanks.