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any word on when this documentation will be out?

particularly, what are valid values for dimensions and metrics?

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When going to and trying to use different API calls, I was looking for a way to know what valid inputs would be for the different mandatory fields for each query. A list of allowed values would great.

I am trying to accomplish the following report for viewing statistics per logged in viewer:
Filtered on date range, group by video_id

Video ID, Video Name, User ID, User view time, User view duration, Video playback url/ domain (we anticipate that each user will view only from one location - i.e. a specific LMS course or learning microsite)

Hi @lars.jensen,

To obtain the stats you described, you’ll need to use the report.getTable() action with different reportType params.

reportType=12 (SPECIFIC_USER_ENGAGEMENT), will produce the following metrics:


reportType=11__(USER_ENGAGEMENT) will return:


reportType=40__(APP_DOMAIN_UNIQUE_ACTIVE_USERS) will return:

for example:
header application,domain,unique_known_users
data mediaspace,$,14;mediaspace,$ANOTHER_KMS_INSTANCE_DOMAIN,13;Unknown,Unknown,12;kmc,Unknown,5;
totalCount 4

reportType=41__(TOP_SOURCES) will return:

for example:
data Live stream,2,621000,1;Kaltura Capture,1,15000,1;Recorded live stream,1,621000,1;Unknown,1,69000,1;Upload,1,37000,1;

The available report types are documented here:

Of course, for reports that generate many records, you’ll need to use the KalturaFilterPager object and increase the pageSize at each iteration.

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Thank you for the very detailed response, Jess! Also - the quoted link is exactly was what I was looking for - I remember seeing this in the past but forgot that these object descriptions exist in the documentation. Thanks!

hey @jess ,
i wanted some information regarding the Media analytics.
The data i want are
obj_id, video name, user id ,total completion rate and date last viewed but i could not figure out which report type i need to use to get this all data.
Right now the steps i followed to get the first 3 field data are
from CONTENT_INTERACTIONS i fetched the object id and name of the video then used
2 : USER_ENGAGEMENT with a params obj id that we get from content interactions to fetch the specific end users data
i am not sure from where i can get the total completion rate for that specific user along with the last date he watched the video.
Is there any other report type using which i can get the entire data at once rather then making more then 1 request to kaltura.
Thanks in advance

Hi @samyam ,

Please see my response here:


hey @jess Thanks for the help above i really appreciate it but is there any way we can get the analytics for multiple users like above in 1 or 2 kaltura api call? right now to fetch and create a report i need to go through 51 api calls if pager is set to 50 plus loops in our own side excluded.
If there’s a way we can fetch all the data related to multiple users with some key so we know which users data we are looking for at once ?
Thanks in advance