Analytics dwh partitions

How can I create the dwh partitions on initial setup without overflowing the allowed partition count?

It seems there are loads of prefilled dwh play data which are some years old. As the database tries to create partitions for every day since then I reach a limit of maximum allowed partitions.

Is there any chance to patch the prefilled data to be more current? or limit the partitions to some maximum number?

Hello sir,

a workaround for this, is that you disable ntp service
and set a date manually for the server that is 30 days away from the start date of your data

this way dwh will analyze only for 30 days
then when finish, manually change the server date again
and process for another 30 days and so on

I hope this helps


The current 11.17 install seems to have fixed the 2013 partitions by sed-replacing them to a dynamic current date. At least the install now works for me.