An error occurred (error code: API:-1) when logging in to admin panel


Means the KS was incorrect.
Please send me a private message with the full log line from /opt/kaltura/log/kaltura_admin.log, I’ll run it myself.



I sent you a PM with the full unedited log.


My solution to this issue was related to my CA root certificate from my Certificate Authority AlphaSSL not being listed in the CA bundle file located at

After adding my CA root information to this bundle file the error stopped. So if you get this error make sure first that you have a valid certificate installed with a valid CA Root certificate especially if you are using a Wildcard SSL. Then if you still get this error then you need to make sure the CA Root Certificate appears in the ca-bundle file and add it to the file if your Authority’s CA Root is not in the file.


I have had the same problem (error code: API:-1) and it was due to the update of the httpd package to the version httpd-2.2.15-60. If the hostnames in URL contains underscores are now blocked. You can see