An Admin/Publisher Can't consistently access KMC, keep getting "client denied by server configuration" shortly after logging in

Kaltura 12.6.0
Single server setup (everything on one server).
Non-SSL setup.
CentOS (Core).

Appreciate any ideas on this one. I am stumped, especially since I can’t replicate on my end. He is getting very frustrated on his end.
This seems a weird one. I can NOT replicate this problem from three of my systems (Linux, Windows, & Mac), but he has this problem on both Mac with Safari, and Windows with Chrome & Firefox. We’ve repeatedly tried clearing the cache, rebooting his computer, etc. And he is the decision maker for the project, so if we can’t get it working for him… :frowning:
Any ideas what could be going on between the interaction of his sytems and the server, that would be so different from mine? I even let him login with my account, and he still had basically the same issues.

If he doesn’t clear his browser cache every time, he can’t get very far at all
After clearing his browser cache, he can initially login to the KAC successfully. Then create a publisher (or just select an existing one, though for some reason he couldn’t select one I had created with my admin account), then he selects a Publisher > Manage. The KMC loads the dashboard initially, but then when he tries to take any action, it then refreshes, shows the menus along the top, but just a white page below. After that he can’t even really login, until clearing browsers again, but then gets stopped around the same point.

Important to note, he CAN access and use the setup, from the exact same systems/browsers (even in just another tab). Any ideas what is wrong with our setup versus the setup? We really want to find a means to use the CE setup, he calculates it would cost him over $5,000+/mo to use the services. .

The logs are showing a lot of information, but the only one I can decipher, that shows consistently when he starts trying to use the KMC is from the kaltura_apache_errors.log:

Thu Dec 22 14:38:26.762768 2016] [authz_core:error] [pid 12413] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /opt/kaltura/app/kmc, referer:
[Thu Dec 22 14:38:26.875055 2016] [authz_core:error] [pid 11220] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /opt/kaltura/app/kmc, referer:
[Thu Dec 22 14:38:26.924616 2016] [authz_core:error] [pid 11220] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /opt/kaltura/app/kmc, referer:
[Thu Dec 22 14:38:27.372733 2016] [authz_core:error] [pid 13449] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /opt/kaltura/app/kmc, referer:
[Thu Dec 22 14:38:27.372764 2016] [authz_core:error] [pid 13255] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /opt/kaltura/app/kmc, referer:

The others logs have so much scrolling by, I’m not sure what to post here that will be more helpful. Here are just the tail ends of each when he gets ?locked out?

The batch log:
2016-12-22 14:39:49 [5.015516] [228313613] [89268] [BATCH] [KGenericScheduler->loop] DEBUG: Next Scheduler Status Time: 14:40:49
2016-12-22 14:39:49 [0.000349] [228313613] [89269] [BATCH] [KGenericScheduler->spawn] INFO: Executing KAsyncDbCleanup [0]
2016-12-22 14:39:49 [0.000620] [228313613] [89270] [BATCH] [KProcessWrapper->init] DEBUG: Now executing [setsid /usr/bin/php /opt/kaltura/app/batch/batches/Cleanup/KAsyncDbCleanupExe.php 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 ‘[1107501806]’ >> /opt/kaltura/log/batch//dbcleanup-0-2016-12-22.log 2>> /opt/kaltura/log/batch//dbcleanup-0-2016-12-22.err.log]
2016-12-22 14:39:50 [1.004629] [228313613] [89271] [BATCH] [KGenericScheduler->spawn] INFO: Executing KAsyncPartnerLoadCleanup [0]
2016-12-22 14:39:50 [0.000679] [228313613] [89272] [BATCH] [KProcessWrapper->init] DEBUG: Now executing [setsid /usr/bin/php /opt/kaltura/app/batch/batches/Cleanup/KAsyncPartnerLoadCleanupExe.php 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 ‘[367610976]’ >> /opt/kaltura/log/batch//partnerloadcleanup-0-2016-12-22.log 2>> /opt/kaltura/log/batch//partnerloadcleanup-0-2016-12-22.err.log]


ApiV3 log:

Any ideas?


He is trying to log into KMC using the Admin Console credentials. That is clear from looking at the URL in the address bar in the screenshot you attached [says partner_id=-2, that’s the admin console partner].
He should go to Admin Console->Publishers, create a new partner and then use that partner’s email and passwd to login.
He can also go to his partner’s row under Admin Console->publishers and click on ‘Manage’ from the ‘Actions’ select box.

That was the problem at first, that screenshot was from earlier in the troubleshooting stages, when he initially was doing as you stated, and I corrected his approach. But, after that, even though cleared cache, etc. and then he did it the correct way, he described it as the the same type of screen (that was why I re-used it). Sorry I didn’t ask him for a new screenshot to prevent that confusion when posting here. Unfortunately, the logs posted reflect him accessing correctly through the Admin Console > Publishers > Manage from Actions box.
Would a series of newer screenshots be helpful?