All-in-one-video-pack for wordpress not showing players which have the autoupdate option set in KMC

The fix is very simple. I am just posting it for anyone interested.
In the file /wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-video-pack/lib/KalturaHelpers.php, change the line 314 from:

 if(isset($htmlPlayerUrlParts[3]) && substr($htmlPlayerUrlParts[3], 1, 1) === '2') {


 if((isset($htmlPlayerUrlParts[3]) && substr($htmlPlayerUrlParts[3], 1, 1) === '2') || strpos($htmlPlayerUrl, "{latest}")) {

Save the file and that’s it.

Hi @mediasync,

Thanks for reporting. I forwarded this to the relevant team.
Feel free to also make a pull request. This way, we can credit you for your contribution:)

I am glad if it will help anyone.
However, I wouldn’t know how to create a pull request. I am not a professional programmer. I am just tinkering here and there.