Adding nodes to a standalone server


I have installed version 11.4 as a single-server-all-in-one.

I want to add more nodes for redundancy.

I thought of adding a second server and install there front, batch, mysql(with replication) and sphinx.

It looks to me like I should treat the first server as the first nodes for these services,

the only problem I couldn’t understand about second sphinx node installation.

I don’t have /tmp/kaltura_*.ans file in my standalone server

If you are working on deb, there will be no answer file since on deb, you have debconf which takes care of it for you.

For a cluster install see:

And specifically,

so just running: apt-get install kaltura-sphinx will install a new sphinx node and will join the cluster?


To have join the cluster, you need to edit /opt/kaltura/app/configurations/db.ini on each relevant node.
You will see:
sphinx1.adapter = mysql
sphinx1.connection.dsn = “mysql:host=somehost1;port=9312;”

sphinx2.adapter = mysql
sphinx2.connection.dsn = “mysql:host=somehost2;port=9312;”

sphinx1.connection.dsn should reflect the first node, sphinx2.connection.dsn, the second one.

You can add more if you want, in which case, you need to add:
datasources.2 = sphinx3
sphinx3.adapter = mysql
sphinx3.connection.dsn = “mysql:host=somehost3;port=9312;”


very helpful.