Adding a domain to Kaltura's Whitelist

Hi there…

I work for an online advertising firm dealing with Display, Mobile and Video advertising.
We are based out of Milan, Italy.

I was testing our VAST Ad tags by running them via the Kaltura panel.
But our Pre-Roll Video ads are not rendering.

We are getting the below error:
jQuery1111005340897082351148_1422870375947({“headers”:[],“status”:{“http_code”:“ERROR”},“contents”:"ERROR: URL not in Kaltura domain whitelist [DENIED]”})

Our Vast tags are served via the domain “

What is the process of adding us into Katura’s whitelist?
Would be more than happy to share more Company Specific detailing via Email.

Look forward to hearing from the team.


Hi Raju,

You should add CORS headers to your ad server to enable the HTML5 library to directly request the ads. This way you won’t have to go through the proxy which has not yet whitelisted your ad server.