Add plugin to all players

Is it possible to launch custom plugin for all players without changing manually all uiConfs?
Normally when we need to add plugin to specific player we have to edit conf file for that plugin in Kaltura Admin Console.
What if I want to add my plugin to all the players i have? I dont want to change all confs manually - is there other way?


I’m afraid not. However, you could automate the procedure writing code that uses the API to get the current UI conf, add to it and then save it.


thank you for replay. One more question where is the template that generates ui_conf_XXX_.config.xml 's ?
i would add my plugin to the template (or generator - not sure how it is working) so any new created player would contain my plugin as well.

Please see here:

it looks like those templates are intended to create ui_conf_XXX.xml conf files but not the ui_conf_XXX.config.xml which contains JSON with all the plugins. Is it possible that .config.xml is generated from the code?

Hi @slash8511, you can try and use flashvars on the actual embed code of the player, if you didn’t embed each player manually (you have them loaded automatically) on different pages.

Thanks Ronileco1, I already came up with the solution. I created a script that is adding my plugin to all existing ui_conf_xxx.config.xml which cover all the players that were created already and I found the template with information about plugins for new players - its in path:


its enough to add your plugin there and all new players will contain it.