Access top window element from inside Kaltura kWidget

Hello, I am using Adobe Captivate to embed Kaltura videos to ultimately build eLearning training. I am using the kWidget to fire a function when playerPlayEnd is initiated.

The issue I am running into is that the kWidget seems to be nested inside an iFrame. In order to set a call to the Captivate eLearning Module, I need to be able to access to highest Window, which contains the module.

When kWidget fires it takes the window object as being the one on the Kaltura server from kWidget.

Does anyone have a clue how to code this to where the embed video iFrame can access the most parent window element? If not that, maybe a different solution of how I can embed the video so it is not living inside an iFrame?

Thank you for your time!

This can be easily done using dynamic embed and the player API. Here is a code sample:



<script src=""></script>
<div id="kaltura_player" style="width: 560px; height: 395px;"></div>
        "targetId": "kaltura_player",
        "wid": "_1645161",
        "uiconf_id": 37095171,
        "readyCallback": function(playerId){
            var kdp = document.getElementById(playerId);
            kdp.kBind("playerPlayEnd", function(event){
                document.getElementById("output").innerText = "playerPlayEnd event fired!";
        "flashvars": {
            "streamerType": "auto"
        "cache_st": 1484745034,
        "entry_id": "1_rhr59a0y"

<pre id="output">Waiting for playerPlayEnd event...</pre>