Accept authomatically the media entry replacement


I would like to know how we can approve a replace entry automatically (see image attached). We need it because we have a team that upload with Drop Folder (Media method) files with the same name file and we expect that always the substitution is executed automatically.

We need a solution for the SaaS if it is possible and if the only way is that we programme via API the action, we’ll appreciate if someone may indicate the API calls that we have to use.

Thanks you so much


Hi @lluisribes,

As mentioned before, everything KMC does is done via API calls and so, as a general rule, if KMC can do it, it can be done using the API:)

For approving entries, see:

For approving the replacement of an entry:

Yeah! this is the information that I was looking for. Without doubt, any thing that you can do in KMC is available via API, that’s great. Thank you to indicate the method to use.