Hi, Can i remove :88 from this Kaltura HLS segmentation

changing from


so we can point the cdn to it, is it possible?

Hi @JohnMalcom,

88 is the default Nginx port, though it can be changed to anything else really.
We utilise Nginx, which is compiled with the VOD module [], in order to deliver videos using HLS, HDS and DASH.

If you’d rather use a CDN for that, that’s perfectly fine, you just need to configure a new delivery profile [after setting up a storage profile that exports the content to the CDN origin]. Alternatively, you can edit the default profiles which are stored in the kaltura.delivery_profile. The default profile IDs are:

mysql> select id,name from kaltura.delivery_profile where id in (1001,1002,1003);
| id   | name                      |
| 1001 | Kaltura HLS segmentation  |
| 1002 | Kaltura HDS segmentation  |
| 1003 | Kaltura DASH segmentation |

Tried the S3, but it’s not sending any file to the bucket, is there a documentation for it?

One more thing, the files will be sent to S3 as mp4 the actual uploaded file, how it will be converted to HLS? .m3u8?

Hi Jess, Connected to AWS S3.

But the problem is, it’s getting the file directly without HLS (.m3u8) - i mean directly to the mp4 file.

Tried to think of creating another server as media server, but not sure this is the right way to do it, how to remove to

Hi @JohnMalcom,

As I said, CE is shipped with the Nginx VOD module, which by default is configured to listen on port 88 TCP, in order to repackage MP4 files to be delivered using HLS, HDS and DASH.
If you don’t wish to use Nginx for that and would rather use an external CDN, that’s fine, but it should be a CDN that’s capable of serving content using one of these protocols. Just pushing the content to an S3 bucket is not enough.
It seems CloudFront may be capable of this but I never tried to accomplish it, we use the Nginx VOD module on the Kaltura SaaS as well. You can take a look at:

You may choose to serve your videos without the use of Adaptive Bitrate protocols, which would not require the use of any repackaging solution but I really don’t recommend it.