2 different fresh install = same issues


I must do something wrong, after spending hours and hours configuring, re-configuring, installing using docker, and after on centos 7, I have the same issue :

After login, the KMC overview will show a “Page not found”

When I navigate to “Administration”, I have this message :slight_smile:

Current status: 1 KMC user in use, -2 additional available.

No chance to add a user.
Uploading video is not working etc…

Can you help me ? Spent more than 7 hours on this, and found nothing on logs.

No error during installation.


Hello @paco_medina,

See Kaltura Media Center kmc1 file


Thank you, but I cannot add user.
The button is not available for use.

Your screenshot is from KMC. You need to go to Admin Console, as per my reply on the other thread:

In Admin Console, you don’t need to create another ‘user’ [from the “Users” tab], you need to create a new publisher [from the “Publishers” tab] and use that to log in to KMC.

Just got it… Thank you and sorry for miss-understanding.

The fact that I still have a “page not found” with new publisher can be configure somewhere ?

Please open your browser’s dev tools and check for errors in the Network and Console tabs and paste your findings here.

Also, are you positive that you’ve logged in with the new publisher/partner you created and NOT with the admin console credentials (what you inputted during the deployment)?

Yes I’m good with that, I can now publish video etc…

Here are the results :

It is calling the URL : /index.php/kmcng/@KMC_OVERVIEW@

So it’s just something to configure no ?