12.6.0 being very buggy trying to use. Massive "Internal server errors" in logs if enable SSL

We are still trying to get an install that is fully functional. Tried going with 12.6.0 this time, and now different issues. Wish I knew what we doing wrong that we can’t get this to work fully. Previously struggling with 12.5.0. Completely wiped clean before starting install with 12.6.0.

Latest problems with 12.6.0:
The server has a ton of errors in the KMC.

Logging in to KAC, then Choosing the publisher > Actions >Manage
The KMC loads, but I get a popup stating: “Error: Internal Server error occurred”. I have to click the OK button twice, then can use the page. This is the Dashboard. If I refresh the dashboard page, that error popup recurs consistently. Across browsers, and operating systems.
Accessing with my laptop, running OpenSuse LEAP 42.2 and Chromium (and Firefox). I can access the KAC and KMC, (though with the error). But others are getting the “white blank page” issue with Mac OS / Safari, and Windows 10.

The logs are cranking out an overwhelming amount of information in kaltura_api_v3.log I don’t dare paste it, it cranks out thousands of lines.

Server setup information:
Single server setup (everything on one server).
CentOS (Core).
Following these directions: https://github.com/kaltura/platform-install-packages/blob/master/doc/install-kaltura-redhat-based.md

When run this step:


package mysql-server is not installed
Redirecting to /bin/systemctl restart mariadb.service

And it looks like nothing is setup due to that error?

rpm -qa | grep maria


rpm -qa | grep my



I re-ran /opt/kaltura/bin/kaltura-config-all.sh, but WITHOUT SSL. and after completion, no longer betting the popup error. Waiting to hear back from others.


It’s impossible to tell without checking the logs as well as the browser’s dev tools but my first guess would be a self signed certificate was used, this will not work. The cert must be a valid one.

That’s probably the issue then. Alright, we’ll keep testing without SSL for now, and see how that holds up. Thank you.

You can get a valid SSL cert for free using http://letsencrypt.org/.